What are Top Home Staging Tips?

What are Top Home Staging Tips?



  • Put away children’s & pet toys
  • Reduce clutter and sweep deck, porch, & patio
  • Clean and arrange outside furniture
  • Power wash house
  • Clean all debris from roof and gutters
  • Repair and repaint front door
  • Repaint trim and/or house
  • Repair Mailbox
  • Trim overgrown bushes and plants
  • Make flower beds look clean, fresh and remove and replace any dying plants
  • Mow and edge lawn weekly


Living Room/Family Room

  • Reduce furniture pieces to the essential pieces
  • Clear off tables down to a few nice pieces and a few magazines
  • Reduce number of pillows and accessories
  • Reduce items off mantel


  • Clear countertops
  • Remove counter appliances to make counts look larger
  • Remove all items from refrigerator door (magnets, photo, etc.)
  • Keep all cleaning supplies out of sight
  • Remove area rugs or keep down to one
  • Replace old burner pans from range
  • Declutter and neatly organize pantry cabinet
  • Always keep garbage empty
  • Wash and put away all dishes

Dining Room

  • Clear off dining table except for one center piece and a mat for each seating
  • Remove extra leaves from table to make room look larger and remove any extra chairs


  • Remove any posters of personal photos
  • Put out your best bedding or get new ones
  • Clear off bedside tables and dresser
  • Declutter, clean and organize closets to showcase storage area and keep doors closed
  • Books only go on book shelves otherwise put out of sight
  • Make sure windows are clean and special features can be seen
  • Make the bed every day

Laundry Room

  • Keep top of washer and dryer clear of articles
  • Keep laundry sink empty
  • Put away all cleaning products


  • Clean off counters and remove all personal items
  • Invest in new shower curtains and keep drawn at all times
  • Remove excessive rugs and toilet covers
  • Hide scale
  • Reduce or remove items from shower
  • Coordinate towels and fold nicely
  • Repair caulk around tub
  • Add nice soft aroma scent


  • Clean out/declutter and organize
  • Keep garage doors closed
  • Remove any flammable and smelly products from garage

General Home Preparation

  • Have a pleasant soft aroma set throughout home
  • Repair cracks on walls and ceiling
  • Replace any light bulbs that are out
  • Clean and replace any broken switches
  • Remove any personal photos
  • Remove and store any personal air looms and collectable items
  • Clean windows
  • Remove ashtrays, pet items, and any toys