What are the Benefits of Selling your Home Now?

What are the Benefits of Selling your Home Now?

Mortgage Rates are Still Low

Mortgage rates have slowly been trickling up, but they are still very attractive.  “We expect them to hold at this (4%) level for a while and continue to adjust up,” says Danielle Hale, managing director of housing research for the National Association of Realtors®. “Mortgage rates rarely move in a straight line. They could be in the 4.6% to 4.8% range by the end of the year.”

Lower Inventory 

When sellers are working along a well prepared REALTOR® and getting help with staging tips and homes are being priced accordingly to their market value; the inventory start moving.  As sellers start to understand that following their REALTOR® advise; the seller do not want to think about having to prep a home for showings or having deal with the constant thought of having to keep things in perfect shape. When the seller is living in the home faster it moves the less pain.

Rising Home Prices

Lower inventory and greater demand have pushed up home prices. 

Strengthening Job Markets

When unemployment decreases and wages increase, the consumer confidence will climb. Buyers will get jump start into the market and take advantage of low rates.